April 08, 2020

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Do you support residential customers?

Maybe.  Our focus is SMB (Small and medium-sized businesses), however, we do residential work on occasion.  Generally, a residential computer issue is better served by a business which specializes in residential customers.  Please look for recommendations from friends and neighbors within the community for these types of services  (always try to support local businesses first!) or worst case, visit a “big box” store with a customer help desk where you can bring your computer to them and their technicians can resolve these issues. 

Do you consider me a small business if I have no employees or if I consider myself the only employee?

Yes!  We recognize that business needs and residential needs are entirely different.  While you may experience some of the same problems as a residential user, when YOU have a technical issue, it can directly impact your efficiency and profitability.  

Are you insured?

Yes!  BTM Technology Consulting carries professional liability and general liability insurance.

What are your operating hours?

We try to maintain a typical 8 am to 5 pm workday.  We are available after hours at a higher hourly rate.  Please see Rates & Packages for more details.