Patching & Updates

All computing devices, regardless of type of device or platform should be updated to the latest stable version/patch/release.  With that said, if you have critical software to your business which is sensitive to version changes, this should be tested prior to updating your device.  NOT testing updates prior to rolling them out can (and most likely will) causes significant issues for businesses of all sizes.


What is a Device?

Due to the nature of technology, we use the term device to refer to any number of computing devices.  Most devices (under the covers fall into a hardware category and an OS (Operating System) AKA Platform.

Examples of hardware categories for devices are:

  • mobile phone
  • tablet
  • workstation (can be a laptop, desktop or a server)
  • IoT (Internet of Things) – Smart thermostats, appliances, security systems, smart locks, other everyday objects which you are able to control and/or interact with over the internet

What is a Platform?

A Platform typically refers to the operating system which a device uses.

Examples of platforms are:

  • Microsoft Windows (multiple versions exist)
  • macOS (Macs will usually run macOS which is technically based on Unix, but has enough popularity to be called out separately)
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Android (for multiple brands of smart phones and tablets)
  • IOS (for Apple phones and tablets)