April 08, 2020

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BTM Technology Consulting is pleased to offer 3 levels of monitoring for our customers.

Basic Notification Package: Includes Windows App for communicating with BTM Technology Consulting at any time, as well as desktop notifications to you when an issue is detected.  This package is provided FREE to our clients!

Monitoring Package: Includes Basic Package features, plus Tech Monitoring so that we can proactively see the issues as they occur, rather than waiting for you to contact us.  This enables us to fix issues faster, and even prevent them from affecting your computing experience.  This package is $7.00* per computer per month (only $5.00* per month when paying annually – a $24 savings per computer!)

Managed Antivirus and Monitoring Package: Includes all of the features above, plus Emsisoft Anti-Malware managed and updated by BTM Technology Consulting all year.  You will have peace of mind that we are ensuring you have the best AV solution on the market, and that you are secure.  This package is $13.00* per computer per month. (only $10.00* per month when paying annually – a $36 savings per computer!)

* This service does not include any additional hardware/software which may be required.  Operating System and all software must be licensed and genuine.  This service also does not include on-site visits or any mileage associated with an on-site visit.  All rates and prices are subject to change without notice.  Other Anti-virus products available on request.