April 08, 2020

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Hourly Consulting

Rates vary depending on skill level needed.

Troubleshooting problems, large and small.  Issues with current technology?  Did your server just go down and you are struggling to get everything back up and running?  Is your office connectivity unreliable and slowing your staff down? Are you lacking documentation and diagrams for your environment?  You know something is wrong but do not know exactly what it is?  Call us – we are available to help get you back up and running and back to business!

IT Assessment

Allow us to spend 1-3 hours exploring your current infrastructure, investigating what is/isn’t working well and provide report of initial findings along with general recommendations regarding your hardware, security, services, internet and network performance and other areas as needed.

Service & Maintenance

Block Time Service Agreements allow you to tailor support to fit your budget

BTM Technology Consulting is pleased to offer a Block Time Service Agreement for small and medium sized businesses who need support throughout the year.   These agreements are ideal for network administration, preventative maintenance, general support and consulting. Purchasing block time allows a substantial discount over our standard labor rates and allows you to determine your level of support while maximizing your budget.

Special Projects

Rate determined on a case-by-case basis

Bring us on board to revamp your current infrastructure or help your company face a new technical challenge.  We will work together to assess your company’s needs, for current operations as well as foreseeable future growth.

BTM Technology Consulting will design a customized proposal built around your business needs and budget.