April 08, 2020

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Troubleshooting & Support

Is there some problem that you are unable to convey to others but you need to be resolved?

Is one of your computers not playing well with others?

Are you having e-mail issues on one or multiple computers?

Do you want better wifi or the ability to have internet and/or wifi in a remote building?

Do you need some routine maintenance or a general health check to make sure your computers are performing optimally?

Did your internet provider tell you that they have done all that they are allowed to do for you?

Please reach out to us today for assistance.

IT Advocate

Do you need someone to represent your interests during a technical sales call or webinar?  Allow us to sit on your side of the table representing your interests.

We can ask the hard questions and make sure they are answered prior to you committing to a costly contract for your business.

We will take into account any special requirements you have and make sure that your concerns and interests are conveyed to the vendor.

Strategy & Documentation

Let us help you navigate the multiple solutions available to you.

Should you use Office 365 or G Suite (Google Apps)?  Need to know your shared calendar options?  Afraid to upgrade to the latest version of Windows?

Need a custom wifi solution?  You do not have to settle for the wifi provided by your ISP.

Need to create or update documentation for future reference/guidance?

We are here to help!